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Exmoor: Hotels, Hiking, and Relaxation

For anyone planning a trip to Exmoor, this blog can provide essential information on this spectacular region of southwestern England, which continues to draw hikers from all over the world.

Located in west Somerset and north Devon, this hilly moorland, which takes its name from the nearby River Exe, never fails to enthral visitors.

This blog features a range of exciting and well-researched articles on everything related to Exmoor, including its fascinating history and unique topography.

Readers will find all they need to know about the region’s top hotels, historical sites, rest-and-relaxation venues, and, of course, its world-famous hiking trails.

Exmoor National Park

30 Oct 2020

Part of North Devon and Somerset, this area features the Exmoor National Park which is famous for its rugged terrain and hiking trails. You will find mountain biking, walking and cycling routes in abundance. The renowned Coast Path is situated along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall and is well worth a visit.

Why Not Visit Exmoor?

14 Sep 2020

This part of England was formerly the site of an ancient royal hunting forest. It is well-known for the indigenous horse known as the Exmoor Pony. This is a horse breed that is allowed to live wild on the Exmoor plains. It is a close relative of the original feral horses.