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Follow this simple 4 step plan to holiday success

Find your accommodation

Booking your accommodation should be your first priority. Whilst you can always come and visit us just for a day trip, there’s so much to see here that you’ll inevitably end up leaving wanting more. We’ve got a huge range of accommodation here, everything from the humble B&B to the most luxurious of hotels. If you’d rather steer clear of hospitality then you could always choose to camp. Dozens of campsites are littered across the National Park, with many of them winning National Awards for their brilliance.

Either find a place to stay through one of many established booking sites or take a personal recommendation from us – the people in the know.

Book some activities

You need to have an agenda when you arrive here. That means making a few arrangements as to what you’d actually like to do. There are miles and miles of well-kept paths that you can follow on hikes, but it’s always sensible to plan out your route in advance so that you know your beginning and end. Planning your route also means that you can make planned stops at one of our excellent pubs or tea rooms – always a good idea.

Get to us

Whilst you might not be able to fly directly into Exmoor, you’ll find that our public transport system should be able to get you to us relatively quickly. Trains will take you as far as Taunton or Barnstaple, from then you’ll have to jump on a bus to get into the heart of the National Park. If you’re planning on cycling whilst you’re here you could always start as you mean to go on by simply cycling straight to us, the paths and trails join up with National Cycling Network.

Enjoy yourself!

Once you’ve made it to us, the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy yourself. Put your feet up or set them firmly on the ground. Stuff your face with local produce, sleep peacefully and savour the experience. Just remember – you’re welcome to stay any time!