Produce of Exmoor: Take Us Home With You!

Why not take a bottle or jar of Exmoor back home with you?

We’reĀ proud of the fantastic food and drink that the people of Exmoor produce – they use local ingredients and blend them in a way that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Even though you might be able to sample this cracking stuff during your stay, you’re sure to miss the grub when it’s gone. Before you head on your merry way, why not pick up a little something for the drive home or get a gift for a friend?

You’ll be able to find these products for sale at any good Farmers Market in Exmoor, alternatively you can always order ahead and pick up your produce on the way home.

Dunkery Vineyard

Run by Derek and Val Pritchard, the Dunkery Vineyard is nestled in a particularly fertile region of the Exmoor just a stone’s throw away from the village of Wootton Courtenay. Their vineyards produce a wide range of grapes that are used to make their distinctly aromatic wines. Their Madeleine Angevine is a particularly high seller and we’d be remiss not to mention their excellent Exmoor Brut: a sparkling bottle that has been hailed as England’s answer to Champagne.

Exmoor Ales

Perhaps one of the most successful brands to have come from the region, since Exmoor Ales set up shop in Wiveliscombe (back in 1980) their beers have been drank all around the world. Whilst you might be lucky enough to spot the iconic Exmoor Gold in pubs around the country, their seasonal ales can often be harder to pick up outside of the South West. You can order beers by the case from their website, or pick up a case from the brewery itself to get the best deals (and save on delivery).

The Exmoor Blue Cheese Company

Originally a sheeps’ milk cheese, Exmoor Blue is now a geographically protected product that is made exclusively with Jersey cows’ milk from the local area.

Since setting up shop over 20 years ago Ian and Ruby Arnett have prided themselves on creating the finest blue cheeses that Exmoor has to offer, continually innovating with new products. Their best-selling Exmoor Blue has been followed by a variety of other cheeses made using goat, sheep and Buffalo milk including their Somerset Blue and Partridge’s Blue.

Brendon Hill Crafts

The sheer variety of products that the Jessups have created is enough to stump any foodie, the good thing is that you can buy as much as you’d like because their award-winning preserved goods will keep forĀ years.

Choose from a dizzying selection of jellies, jams, chutneys, fruit cheeses, marmalades and fruit sauces – all of which have been made from recipes that have been carefully refined over the last 30 years.

Hidden Valley Pigs

The story of how Simon Dawson upped sticks and set up his own smallholding in Exmoor is an interesting one, so interesting in fact that he’s based three books on his journey to self-sufficiency! The pigs bred on Hidden Valley Farm are given the best lives they they could hope for. The free-range, rare breed Berkshire pigs are fed natural food and drink water that has been collected from the farm’s own spring. You can buy the meat directly from them or even book in for a day’s course in butchery!