Unique Exmoor Experiences You Should Try

Push your boundaries and truly experience Exmoor.

There was a time when holidays were strictly relaxing affairs.

That meant putting your feet up, slurping on a cocktail and soaking up as much sunshine as was physically possible in the time you had. Those days are well and truly gone.

Today things are a little different. 21st century holidays are less about relaxing and more about experiencing something new. That could include signing yourself up to a hair-raising extreme sport or staying the night in a rustic cabin.

Make your next trip to Exmoor something to truly remember by booking one of these immersive experiences:

Barle Valley Safaris

Step aboard Daphne Brace and Richard Norman’s Land Rover 110 Defender and get to grips with Exmoor’s wild side. This family team have been taking guided tours for the last 20 years, both born and bred in Exmoor they have in-depth knowledge of the area which makes them the perfect tour guides to show you around. Spot the elusive Red Deer, Exmoor Ponies and learn about local legends as you go.

From £35pp for a 3-hour guide with a minimum of 4 people per tour.

Keeper for a Day at Exmoor Zoo

Have you ever fancied getting up close and personal with some real life wild animals? With Exmoor Zoo’s ‘Keeper for a Day‘ experience you can do just that. Spend a whole day in the boots of a zoo keeper. Each experience is different, so you’ll never know what you’re in for next. One moment you could be cleaning out a meerkat enclosure and the next you could be feeding tortoises or even pelicans.

Half Day experiences start at £95, whilst whole days are £150.

Dark Sky Overnight Experience

Exmoor was officially designated as a Dark Sky Reserve in 2016. Due to the lack of any significant built up areas or street lights here we are blessed with dazzlingly starry skies, offering would-be astronomers the perfect chance to get an eyeful of the night sky. You can hire professional grade telescopes from Dark Sky Telescope Hire, if you fancy making a trip of it you can even book accommodation with them which includes a telescope and a one or two hour guide.

Telescope hire starts at £25 p/night .

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This new extreme sport is fast becoming one of the most popular water based activities here in Exmoor. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP for short) involves the rider standing upright and using an oar to push them in the right direction. Although you will need a degree of balance in order to stay up right and out of the water, this is certainly a much easier sport to pick up than surfing and the good news is that you can do it at several locations around Exmoor.

Prices start at £35pp for adults and £25pp for children.

Pony Trek over the Moors

Saddle up and enjoy a bracing trek out into the Exmoor wilderness on a brisk winter’s day. During the colder months you’ll find that rates are much cheaper, but you can make further savings by rolling in your night’s stay with two horse treks. Exmoor-Riding.co.uk offer one such a deal: stay in their 15th Century home and you’ll wake up that much closer to the horses, so that you can head out nice and early for your treks.

Short winter rides start at £45pp with full days costing £85 with a minimum of 2 people taking part.