Why Exmoor?

There’s a whole other world to experience here in Exmoor!

Book your next holiday to the wild expanses of Exmoor and experience everything this exciting place has to offer.

We’re a proud lot here in Exmoor. We’re proud of the excellent food that is served in the pubs in our area, we know that the beer we brew is amongst the best in the world and our hospitality is second to none: so why not book yourself a place to stay for your next holiday?

Beautiful Landscape

We’ve got something for everyone here when it comes to truly stirring scenery. If you want to get lost in the moors without actually getting lost then there are a litany of excellent paths and routes that you can follow through the rugged expanse of the National Park. Fancy a trip to the seaside? That too can be arranged. With 34 miles of handsome coastline on offer, there are beaches to relax in, extremely tall cliffs and tumbling rivers to follow.

Thrilling Activities

With so much stunning scenery to explore you wouldn’t be blamed for seeing as much of it as possible. Instead of sitting in your car and simply spectating Exmoor, why not get up close and personal with it? Go on an exhilarating hike, jump into some extreme Coasteering, set out to see on a Kayak or even scale a cliff face – there are loads of reputable companies that you can go on an adventure with, we’ll even recommend you a few.

Unique Culture

Although we might seem like an insular bunch, you’ll soon find out that there’s plenty to love here in Exmoor from the smallest of centuries old traditions to the grandest of carnivals. Plan your next trip well in advance and you could become a part of one of these exciting cultural events, giving you a fresh insight into the way that our culture works together to create a truly unique place to live in.

Locally Sourced Produce

Besides brewing some of the best ale that the UK has to offer, Exmoor is also home to hundreds of award-winning artisans that have spent years crafting their skills. Just head down to one of many Farmer’s Markets across the area and you’ll see the variety of goods on offer: everything including steaks, cheeses, pastries and wine can be bought there, or in one of our many fine restaurants or gastropubs.