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Top 5 Winter Activities in the UK

We love being in the UK during the wintertime for many different reasons. It has the perfect weather, Christmas decorations and food traditions for us to indulge in. We’ve narrowed down the top 5 winter activities to do in the UK and which cities to do them in.

Quick tips on how to pass the time when travelling

Before we dive right into the fun activities, we also wanted to give you some quick tips about how you can pass the time when travelling to each city across the UK. To start with, you can catch the National Express or the railway to travel within the country, but it can sometimes be a long and tiring journey.

Try to download a few apps to hold your attention, like brain training for example. Or why not try playing some online casino games? Check out CasinoHawks. They’ll help the journey go a lot smoother. 

It’s also likely a good idea to get some rest between stops so that you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your big adventures.

The Christmas Festival at York

York is a beautiful city to visit and every year they host The Christmas Festival. Many locals gather round as they sip on mulled wine, snack on traditional winter foods and enjoy the festivities.

Entry is free, and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the medieval character that this city has. The Christmas Festival will be running from the 12th November 2020 to the 23rd December 2020.

Visit the Natural History Museum in London

We highly recommend visiting the Natural History Museum. The architecture of the building has beautiful decorations during the winter time, and there’s an ice rink too. Not only that, but you get to check out the incredible historical artefacts inside. Tickets start from £5.

Dine at one of the oldest pubs at Stow-On-The-Wold

It’s only a tradition to unwind with a pint at the pub and eat traditional food, such as a Sunday Roast. The Porch House has been standing since c. 947 and will most definitely take you back on a historical journey of our country. Plus, Stow-On-The-World is a cute, medieval town to visit.

Admire the Christmas lights in Central London

The Christmas lights are always nicely decorated and take over the bustling capital with its twinkling beauty. Enjoy an evening stroll through Bond Street and Oxford street, as you admire the bright lights.This is also an activity that the local Londoners love to do too.

Enjoy the Spectacle of Light

The Cotswold villages are picturesque during the winter time, and we recommend you to stay in one of their cute cottages. However, another thing that this village is famous for is The Spectacle of Light at Sudeley Castle, since it’s a truly magical experience. Tickets start at £17.00 and run between the dates of 28th - 30th December. It’ll be a Nutcracker theme this year.

11 Jan 2021